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April, 21 2021

Are you looking for a best-in-class HD Ready LED TV? Then, the search ends on Pittappillil, as it has brought in a range of such TVs. It is time to check out some of them. At the end of the post, you can opt for the best option for you! 

IBELL 80 CM(32 inches) HD Ready LED TV

The IBELL 80 CM, 32-inch model comes with the HD Ready resolution of (1366 x 768p) along with a refresh rate of 60Hz. Besides, the top-class ultra-slim body and slick design are enough to complement the interior of your living space. The D-LED Panel of 98cm comes as the display of the IBELL 80 CM TV.

When it comes to connectivity, two HDMI ports are there for making a connection to the set-top box. Furthermore, a gaming console and Blu-ray players are also present on this device. When it is about connecting hard drives as well as other USB drives, two USB ports are there.

One VGA (Video Graphics Array) Slot is there for connecting a laptop. The number of AV Input Slot and AV Output Slot are two and one respectively. You would receive amazing digital sound with an output of 20 watts. The TV can also be mounted on the wall to enjoy the programs better.

Do you expect amazing brightness on your HD Ready LED TV? Then, the IBELL 80 CM can make an ideal option for you. The device enables the viewers to witness the shows and programs with outstanding clarity and life colors. The brightness of the IBELL 80 CM would blow your mind- the credit goes to the brilliant LED Backlight Technology.

Along with brilliant brightness, the IBELL 80 CM features amazing sound quality. It offers 20 Watts of output that is sufficient to fill a room. That means you can enjoy all your favorite programs in mind-blowing sound quality.

In short, the IBELL 80 CM TV caters to the requirements and expectations of a TV with clear, detailed, and crisp video and best-in-class audio. You can connect your favorite DTH or cable connection to this TV to access your favorite programs.

SAMSUNG 80cm (32 inches) HD Ready LED TV

Another great option in the list of HD Ready LED TVs is SAMSUNG 80cm (32 inches). In terms of connectivity, the device features two HDMI ports for getting connected to the set-top box.

Moreover, Blu-Ray players and one gaming console are also there for the user’s convenience. Do you need to connect your hard drive or any other USB device to the TV? The SAMSUNG 80cm TV comes with the convenience of one USB port.

When it comes to the display, the device features a stylish and sleek design with an LED panel. Since the device comes with one USB port and two HDMI ports, you can expect outstanding external connectivity. That means an array of various types of content can be experienced in your comfort zone.

Are you looking for an HD Ready LED TV with a slim design? Then, the SAMSUNG 80cm can set a perfect option for you. It has made a great amalgamation of a polished, sleek, and contemporary design that can take the beauty of your space to the next level.

SONY Bravia 80 CM(32 inches) HD Ready LED TV

The SONY Bravia 80 CM can also be a perfect option to cater to your requirement for a top-notch HD-Ready LED TV. The device features an amazing HD Ready resolution of 1366x768 with a refresh rate of 50 hertz.

When it comes to connectivity, the SONY Bravia 80 CM features two HDMI ports to get connected to the set-top box. Besides, one gaming console and Blu-Ray players are also there. The HD Ready LED TV features one USB port that means you can connect your hard drive or any other USB device with ease.

Opt for the SONY Bravia 80 CM and you would get clear resolution, amazing details, and fine textures that would improve your TV viewing experience. Moreover, it is a smart plug-and-play HD Ready LED TV. As a result, the users can connect and check out music, photos, and videos with ease from their USB devices and mobile phones.

The SONY Bravia 80 CM TV also comes with X-Protection Pro that ensures its longevity. It is top-notch protection for safeguarding the TV against lightning short-circuits that can be a result of fluctuating electricity and high moisture.

The SONY Bravia 80 CM HD Ready LED TV comes with the convenience of multiple Indian languages. You just need to opt for a language and can start watching the TV in your convenient language. The gadget also features an FM radio to enable users to listen to their preferred radio stations.

Wrapping Up

It is time to have a best-in-class HD Ready LED TV in your place. So, what are you waiting for? Order your favorite LED TV in Kerala from Pittappillil today!







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