Tylos Electric Scooters Kerala

June, 07 2021

With the rise in interest of people towards green products, the use of electric vehicles has gained prominence. Many brands have gained importance over the past few years. But, one of the best companies is Tylos, which is an electric scooter manufacturing company. The company has perfected its style in manufacturing best-in-class electrical scooters. The company incorporates imagination along with innovation in the manufacturing of the scooter.


The company focuses on the creation of scooters that are futuristic but are deeply rooted in the good old qualities of old-generation scooters. Some of the major goals that the company strives to achieve include convenience in driving and access to the scooter to all.


The design of the scooter is inspired by Tylos aesthetics, and it has struck the perfect chord between Science, classic, and contemporary themes. The scooter harnesses the power of electricity, and it is aimed towards the more use of green energy. The use of electric scooters by Tylos will enable you to cut down the use of petrol and diesel. Thus, it will nullify the imprint of the carbon footprint on the planet. If you want to join the revolution of the use of green energy, the best scooters by Tylos can be your best choice of vehicle. The company has an aim towards reducing pollution and making contributions towards positive climate change. By buying Tylos electric scooters Kerala available in different stores, you will also contribute towards making a change.


About Tylos electrical scooter

Tylos scooter is a top player in the category of battery-operated scooter dealers in Thrissur. The company acts as a one-stop destination that serves the local customers as well as customers from other parts of Thrissur. Over the course of the year, the business has established a firm in the industry. The company lays special emphasis on the satisfaction of customers. Special emphasis on product and services have helped the establishment garner a vast number of customers that keeps on growing every day.


The employees are 100% dedicated to their respective roles, and they put in a lot of effort to activate the common vision and goal that the company achieves. In the near future, the business aims to expand its products and services so that it can cater to the needs of a larger client base. In Thrissur, the company occupies a prominent place. You can easily communicate to the place to get a brand new scooter as per your need. There are various modes of transport available that can take you to the store. The store is located near MG road, near an overbridge. Thus, even first-time visitors can easily locate the place. Tylos is one of the best and most renowned manufacturers and dealers of battery-operated electric scooters.


What are the products and services available at Tylos store?

Tylos Phoenix has a wide range of products and services that it offers to its customers. The staff members are quite courteous and prompt in providing quality services. They will answer all your questions quickly. You can make payment for the scooter at your convenience. Different payment modes are available at the store. The store remains operational from 9:30 AM to 08:00 PM.


  • The scooters are available in three major colors including Red, Blue, and Grey.

  • The sports section of the shop makes arrangements for the delivery of the scooter within a week of receiving the payment.

  • You will get a 1-year warranty for the battery and charger and two years warranty for the motor and controller.


What are the advantages of buying a Tylos electric scooter?

  • No use of petrol, thus less carbon footprint

  • No license is needed to drive the scooter

  • No insurance is needed

  • No additional need for registration

  • Less noise pollution

  • No gear

  • No use of lubricants

  • Low maintenance design and working

  • The running cost for the scooter is just ten paise per kilometer.

  • Customer service is available as per your need

  • You don’t need to make payment for customer support if the scooter is under warranty.

Staff from the shop will visit your doorstep for the delivery of the scooter.



What should you keep in mind when purchasing a Tylos electric scooter?

  • No return and exchange policy is available for an electric scooter.

  • The order can’t be canceled after the shipment of the scooter.

  • Even in the case of Cash on Delivery, the store will need a safety deposit of 10,000 Rs, before the dispatch. Scooter is a heavy product. Thus the shop will ask for double confirmation.

  • Shipping may take a bit more time than the actual promised time.

  • Out-of-warranty parts are not covered under the warranty.


If you believe in environmental conservation, it is essential to purchasing products that do not lead to a carbon footprint. Getting an electric scooter is one of the best choices that you can make. Let us know how you feel after getting the Tylos electric scooter.
















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