October, 21 2020

Water is the prime source of every living being. Ancient days were golden days that there was no pollution, and hence people used to drink water directly without heating or purifying. But at present, with increased pollution and air-borne diseases, it is mandatory to purify water.

Visible impurities can be cleared through the normal filtering method. But unseen germs and bacteria can be cleared only through a specialized filtering method, for which water purifiers do this job. To buy all brands of water purifiers in Kerala, visit our Store. The importance and benefits of water purifiers are discussed in the following sections of the article.

Water purifier Importance

  1. Eradicates bacteria 

Now we all are in an alarming situation of COVID 19. We all know that COVID affects mostly aged people and children as they have low immunity levels. Not only COVID but any kind of bacterial and viral infection also causes severe effects to anybody who has lower immunity levels. Many kinds of viral infections are due to impure water, where there will be more bacterial existence. A water purifier functions in such a way that it easily kills the bacteria in the water and aids in bacteria-free drinking water.


  1. Chlorine levels will be reduced. 

While drinking unpurified water, you may be able to smell and feel the existence of chlorine in the water. The effects of chlorine are very deadly that it causes many respiratory diseases, heart diseases, and even cancer. By using a water purifier, the chlorine in the water can be eliminated.


  1. Cost-effective 

Buying water purifiers saves you lots of money. Some people, instead of buying water purifiers, buy canned and bottled waters, where there will be no bacteria or other impurities. But, you have to invest lots of money, whereas, with a water purifier, half of the amount needed to buy bottled waters will be incurred.


  1. Offers Good water taste 

If you drink unpurified water or boiled water, the taste of the water will not be good. It will have some sort of tinny taste, which will keep you away from drinking excess water and leading to many diseases. But if you use a water purifier, the taste of the water will be good, which motivates you to drink more water.


  1. Saves you from various diseases 

As the water-purifiers eradicate germs and viruses, people who drink that water will be free from various air-borne diseases, respiratory diseases, and other diseases. The content in the purified water will make an automatic cure of diseases in your body, which you may not be aware of, thus ensuring you with a healthy life.


  1. Glowing skin 

Impure water has more chlorine content, which may cause skin irritations and may give a dry skin appearance. But the water purified from a water purifier gives you glowing skin, as they are free from impurities and germs.


  1. Convenient 

Water purifiers are a very convenient means of filtering methods. A water purifier will be able to purify and filter water in a very fast manner. Depending upon the quantity of water, various liters capacity of water purifiers exist. It can be easily fixed at home and easy to use also. The filters in the purifiers are very powerful that it helps in clearing bacteria in the drinking water very easily and quickly.


The water purifiers are available in various brands and models. People can choose the one as per their convenience and desire.


  1. Various options 

The water purifiers come with various models that some may not require electricity, whereas some require electricity. The non-Electric mode will also do the purification with the same purifying quality. The non-electric model comes with various options like sediment filtration, carbon filtration, and UF technology. They help in reducing steel odor and helps in increasing the taste of the water. But you need to be filling water after every usage.  


Electricity based water purifiers also do the same function, but water will be automatically pumped through the pipe, so you need not worry about filling water. But if your area has more power shortage and water shortage, the electric model will be helpful.



  1. Correct TDS level 

As per WHO’s statement, a drinking water TDS level is very important. A TDS level comprises levels of magnesium, potassium, sodium bicarbonate, calcium, chlorides, organic materials, and sulfate.  An acceptable level of TDS in drinking water is 55 milligrams per liter.  Normal drinking water might contain TDS levels greater than 1000 mg per liter, which makes the water not suitable for drinking. By using water purifiers, the TDL level can be made such that the water is free from chemicals and suitable for drinking.

Thus this article has discussed the importance and benefits of water purifiers. So, it is always necessary to buy a water purifier, to lead a healthy life. Water purifiers eliminate germs and other chemicals in the water, which saves you from many life-threatening diseases.


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