Everything You Need to Know About Air Purifiers

September, 15 2020

An air purifier is basically a device that removes all kinds of harmful elements from air while it keeps the normal elements. In today's world, we spend most of our time indoors. Along with the usage of air conditioners and enclosed spaces; the air quality becomes quite poor. To add to these problems, we also use deodorants and cleaning products which make the air more difficult to breathe. Thus, such air quality puts us at a risk for several health disorders.

This is where an air purifier can help us. It helps in creating clean, healthy air in our homes or offices Thus, it lets us enjoy good indoor air quality. It is extremely helpful for those dealing with respiratory problems, asthma, or allergies. Air purifiers not only clean the air of pollutants; but also help in getting rid of some odours like paint, varnish smells etc.

    How do Air purifiers function?

    Air purifiers clean the indoor air using ionic, mechanical, hybrid, or electrostatic filtration. It draws in polluted air through its filters and then circulates back clean air into the room. The purifiers take in dust particles, pollutants, and odors that keep the room air cleaner.

    How should you choose an Air Purifier?

     1.  Every individual has different requirements. However, here we have given some pointers that can be followed before you decide on one.

     2.  Those having asthma should go in for air purifiers that have True HEPA filters rather than Ozone based ones.

    3.  Those who have low immunity should get air purifiers of high quality. True HEPA filters make sure that allergens are eliminated.

    4.  Those that have pets should also go in for strong pre-filters as otherwise they would be breathing in hair and other pollutants from their pets.

    5.  Those who live in industrial or high pollution areas, should have air purifiers that have activated carbon filters. Only these can remove the odours. Also, the pre-filters should be regularly replaced if you live in such industrial areas or areas where there is construction going on.

    What are the kinds of filters that are used in Air purifiers?

    1.  Pre-filters help in elimination of large pollutants like pet hair and so on.

    2.  True HEPA helps in removing allergens and dust. These need to be regularly replaced. The size and material of the filter matter as far as the performance goes.

    3.  Activated carbon filters also need to be replaced regularly. These remove odours like food smells, smoke, chemicals, fumes etc.

    4.  Antibacterial or germicidal filters help in removing bacteria and germs.

    5.  UV filters which are generally used in sterile environments like hospitals, day care centres and so on help in keeping the surroundings safe from airborne infections.

    Indicators in Air purifiers –

    1.  ACH (Air Change rate) – This tells you how often the air in a room is being purified within an hour.

    2.  CADR – If you have a large room size then you need to look for an air purifier with higher CADR ratings. It gives you the measure of the purified air at particular speed settings.

    3.  Room Size – When you purchase an air purifier its best to go for one that has at least a capacity of 20 to 40% more than your current room size.

    4.  Choose something that makes less noise, especially for bedrooms. Also, those with multiple settings would be a good idea, so it can be adjusted when the room is occupied or not.

    5.  Ensure that the warranty and customer service is good. An air purifier is a good investment and you need to make sure that you get the most out of it.

    Health benefits of Air purifiers –

    1.  Many people have respiratory problems like asthma which are made worse with pollen, dust, pets etc. To a certain extent, our cleaning techniques do work; however indoor air, humidity levels etc do provide a breeding ground for mold and dust mites. Air purifiers do help in purifying such air and thus helping those with such breathing problems.

    2.  Air purifiers that have activated carbon filters cleanse out chemical contaminants. So those living in severely polluted areas can benefit from such purifiers. Exposure to chemicals or vehicular pollutants can expose us to health issues like cancer, tumours, neurological or cardiovascular problems. Air purifiers can to a certain extent help us fight such problems.

    3.  In fact, air purifiers can also help with better sleep. Allergens like fungi, bacteria or dust can trigger allergies which can in turn affect one’s sleep. Better air quality would trigger better sleep. HEPA air purifiers help you filter most allergens and help us sleep better.

    4.  The current pandemic has made it evident that we need to take care of ourselves and our environment. Air Purifiers would be a good step to getting closer to healthy selves. Such devices are indeed helpful in removing harmful particles like allergens, mold, and smoke.

    Having said that, one also needs to complement these devices with their own diligent cleaning techniques.

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