Keep Your Kitchen Smoke-Free with Best 10 Chimney Brands in Kerala

October, 21 2020


Kitchen Chimney Creates a New Cooking Experience

A kitchen chimney is really necessary for an Indian kitchen. Owing to the oil and 'masala' used in every Indian kitchen, the chimney plays a vital and crucial role. It pulls up all the oily and smoky elements emitted during cooking and makes the kitchen and home fresh, hygienic, clean, and free from pollutants. Due to this, imperative role, most of the times a kitchen chimney is often called the Kitchen Hood.


Kitchen Chimney- More of a Necessity than Luxury

Nothing can surpass the necessity of keeping the home clean and hygienic and keeping the family safe. One very big benefit of using an electric chimney in the kitchen is the guard of the beautiful tiles, marble, wooden furniture, and granites. Smokes make the kitchen slimy, gummy, and ugly looking. Electric chimneys keep the kitchen space free from smoke and odor. If there is a high application of spices and oil in the kitchen, one should opt for an electric chimney. With rigorous uses of spices and oil, in every Indian traditional dish, the walls and the kitchen roof turns out to be black and tarnished in a few months. The high pulling capacity of the chimney draws all exhausts and facilitates to shield the kitchen walls and associated space of the house. To optimize the kitchen chimney's function, basic daily cleaning and frequent deep cleaning are crucial.

Moreover, an electric kitchen chimney sucks all the smoke and the odor of the dish that is being cooked in the kitchen, thereby keeping the house odor-free and fresh. A very important advantage of using an electric chimney is that it aids in eliminating surplus heat from the kitchen. It can be heat or vapour released out of the coked food or during the process. However, by absorbing the heat and smoke, it regulates the kitchen thermally and makes cooking comfortable.


Popular Brands for Kitchen Chimney:

There are quite a few brands manufacturing kitchen chimney, found in Kerala. The popular ones serving for quite some time and have gained immense popularity are Faber, Elica, Pigeon Nebula, Glen, Pureflames, and Butterfly Matchless.


One of the top brands in terms of model variants, functions and features, customer service, and after-sales service is Faber. Faber has a few variants within the price range 20k-41k. The products vary in price, depending on the features and functionalities. With the latest technology in oil suction, 3- and 4-way suction hoods, Triple Layer filter, air purification, and a smoke-free environment, these chimneys add elegance to the kitchen space. They are endowed with auto clean technology, and the Sik-K technology ensures zero hood sound. The popular models available are Faber Pretty, Faber Fabio, Faber Zest, Faber Tratto Plus, and Faber Zenith.


With shops and dealers spread in Kerala, Elica is one of the most popular brands of Kitchen chimney in Kerala. Probably, it is one of the best choices to keep the kitchen smoke free. The vivid collections of wall-mounted and in-built chimneys look stunning and surely spoil the customer with choices. The stylish kitchen chimney showcasing an immaculate design, aesthetic look, feel, and amazing features and performances make the kitchen space look trendy, chic, and fully equipped. The price varies between 17K-27K and offers a wide array of user-friendly functionalities.




Butterfly chimneys are designed, stainless steel baffle filter, a noise level less than 58 dB and detachable exhaust pipe, and a. They also have with 3-speed control operation. It is available with a powerful motor for effective suction capability and auto cleaning facility. The oil collector cup accumulates oils and other scums, making it seamless to keep the chimney clean, unclogged, and hygienic. All the models like Ace, Curve, Desire, Reflection, Jet, and Rhino are immaculately designed with LCD, LED lights, remote control access, copper power code, and gas sensor.


A popular local brand with multiple outlets and branch offices at Ernakulam, Kerala, offers the best in class kitchen chimneys with auto clean technology, best suction capacity, motion sensor, and touch control applications. One of the best parts of Pureflames is that they offer free installation and amazing after-sales services.


Other popular kitchen chimney brands found in Kerala are Kaff, Glen, Bosch, and Pigeon Nebula. All are effective, feature-loaded, and classy. Buy Chimney in Kerala from Pittappillil Agencies. The kitchen chimneys look stylish and enhance the aesthetic quotient of the kitchen space. The kitchen looks stunning, complete, and trendy. If it's an open kitchen, the stylish looking chimney adds to the stunningness of the attached living and dining area. Moreover, today the kitchen chimney is a part of the modular kitchen set up and is fitted by the designer at the time of setting up the kitchen. So, its color is generally matched with the tiles and kitchen wardrobes of the kitchen, giving a completely appealing look. 







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