Product Description

BAJAJ 20 MT DLX Microwave Oven - Your Ultimate Kitchen Companion

Product Description:

Transform your culinary experience with the BAJAJ 20 MT DLX Microwave Oven. This versatile kitchen appliance is designed to make cooking quick, convenient, and efficient. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned chef, the BAJAJ 20 MT DLX offers a perfect blend of functionality and style, ensuring you enjoy delicious meals with minimal effort.

Key Features:

1.      20-Liter Capacity: Ideal for small to medium-sized families, the spacious 20-liter capacity allows you to cook, reheat, and defrost a variety of dishes with ease.

2.      Digital Control Panel: The intuitive digital control panel provides easy access to multiple cooking modes, ensuring precision and convenience at your fingertips.

3.      Auto Cook Menus: Choose from a range of pre-set auto cook menus, making it simpler to prepare popular dishes with the touch of a button.

4.      Power Levels: With multiple power levels, you can customize your cooking settings to suit different types of food, ensuring optimal results every time.

5.      Grill Function: Enjoy perfectly grilled vegetables, meats, and sandwiches with the powerful grill function that delivers deliciously crispy and evenly cooked meals.

6.      Child Lock: Safety is paramount, and the child lock feature ensures that little ones cannot accidentally operate the microwave.

7.      Defrost Function: Quickly and efficiently defrost frozen foods, saving you time and maintaining the quality of your ingredients.

8.      Timer and Alarm: The built-in timer and alarm system help you keep track of cooking times, preventing overcooking and ensuring your meals are always perfectly prepared.


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