Product Description

Experience unparalleled cooling efficiency and energy savings with the Kelvinator Inverter Split Air Conditioner. Designed to deliver optimal comfort, this 1.25-ton cooling powerhouse boasts a 3-star energy rating, ensuring a perfect blend of performance and efficiency.

Inverter Technology: The advanced inverter technology ensures precise and consistent cooling while maximizing energy efficiency. Enjoy a cool and comfortable environment without worrying about soaring electricity bills.

1.25 Ton Capacity: Perfect for medium-sized rooms, this 1.25-ton AC provides powerful and uniform cooling throughout the space, making it ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, or offices.

Energy Efficiency: With a 3-star energy rating, the Kelvinator Split AC is designed to keep your energy consumption in check. Save on your electricity bills while enjoying a consistently comfortable indoor environment.

Smart Cooling: The intelligent cooling features adapt to your needs, providing personalized comfort. Set your desired temperature, and let the AC do the rest, maintaining an optimal climate indoors.

Upgrade your home or office with the Kelvinator Inverter 1.25 Ton 3 Star Split Air Conditioner, and enjoy a cool and comfortable environment all year round. Beat the heat without breaking the bank!


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