Product Description

The LG 7.5 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine, model T75SKSF1Z, is a washing machine manufactured by LG Electronics. Here are some key features and specifications of this model:

Capacity: The washing machine has a capacity of 7.5 kg, which means it can accommodate a load of laundry weighing up to 7.5 kg.

Fully Automatic: It is a fully automatic washing machine, which means it can perform all washing functions, including washing, rinsing, and spinning, without requiring manual intervention.

Top Load Design: This model features a top load design, where you load and unload the laundry from the top of the machine.

Smart Inverter Technology: LG's Smart Inverter Technology is incorporated into this washing machine, which helps optimize energy consumption and enhance the overall washing performance.

Turbo Drum: The washing machine utilizes Turbo Drum technology, which provides a powerful yet gentle wash by rotating the drum and pulsator in opposite directions.

Multiple Wash Programs: It offers various wash programs tailored for different types of fabrics and laundry requirements. These programs may include options like Normal, Quick Wash, Delicate, Heavy Duty, and more.

Auto Restart and Delay Start: The machine has an auto-restart function that allows it to resume operation from where it left off in case of a power outage. It also supports a delay start feature, enabling you to set a time delay for the wash cycle to start.

Tub Clean: LG washing machines come with a Tub Clean feature that helps to clean and maintain the tub, ensuring hygiene and preventing the growth of mold or bacteria.

Child Lock: For safety purposes, this washing machine is equipped with a child lock feature that prevents children from tampering with the settings during operation.

Display and Controls: The machine may have a digital display panel and intuitive controls for easy operation and monitoring of the wash cycle.


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