Product Description

High Pressure (100 bar) Casted Positive Spines - free from blow holes and finer grain structure
Ready to use
Rugged Construction of Tubular Positive plates ensure longer life & endurance
Nature friendly
Excellent performance in wide ambient conditions
Most suitable and Reliable in Deep Cyclic application and higher Power shortage area
Least gas generation and low maintenance
Length(±3mm) 505 mm
Width(±3mm) 190 mm
Height(±3mm) 415 mm
Filled weight (kg±5%) 61 Kg
Gross weight(kg±5%) 63 Kg
Acid Volume(±2L) 19 L
Specific gravity of Electrolyte at Full charge in g/cc 1.245 ± 0.005
Standard warranty 36 months
Pro-Rated warranty 18 months


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