Product Description

Fresh clothes are a quick dry away!

Drying clothes is now more efficient thanks to the all new Kelvinator semi-automatic washing machine. Sporting a wider spin tub, the machine can dry a greater load of clothes in one go as compared to others. Look forward to doing laundry that dries up quickly!

Hefty food items need glass that's tough

When it comes to the Kelvinator frost-free refrigerator, it doesn't matter whether you're storing leafy vegetables, a watermelon or several kilos of meat! Thanks to its specially toughened glass shelves, you can go ahead and place heavy items in your fridge without worrying about cracked glass.

A fridge that's all about stability

Worrying about your appliances in the face of frequent voltage fluctuations is natural. Not if you have the Kelvinator direct cool refrigerator, though. Its stabilizer-free operation does away with the need for external stabilizers, thanks to the compressor's wide voltage range. Now, remain worry-free even during sudden electrical surges!


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