Product Description

Turbo Cool: Pre-set mode to instantly cool the room during extreme summers.
Energy Saver: The Eco mode helps save on your electricity bills, while giving you a comfortable cooling experience.
Stabilizer-free Operation: Wide voltage range design ensures protection against unpredictable surge or fluctuations in voltage thus safeguarding the AC.
100% Copper:  Blue Star air conditioners' condenser coil, evaporator coil and connecting tubes are made of 100% copper, thereby ensuring reliable cooling.
Anti Corrosive Blue Fins for Protection: Protects the condenser and evaporator coils from corrosion and leakage due to harsh climate, rainwater, salty air and humidity. Enhances the efficiency and long life of the AC.
Comfort Sleep: Intelligently adjusts the AC's operation providing the right cooling comfort and ensuring comfortable sleep.
Acoustic Jacket around Compressor: A specially designed acoustic jacket that eliminates noise and vibrations, making AC operation quieter.
Self Diagnosis: Alerts the user to any fault in the AC's operation, with an error code, which helps in faster resolution.


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